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Bright Bouquet and Bridesmaids

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Hi all,

I love bold colors and have fallen in love with a bouquet centered around sunflowers and wildflowers.
(sorry for the massive picture, I am not sure how to resize it!)
I am having the hardest time deciding on what my maids should wear. I was thinking of a lighter pink or sage. 
Has anyone done something similar? We are getting married in August at a winery and would love everything to be bright and bold.
My fiance is wearing a slate blue suit, for reference.

Re: Bright Bouquet and Bridesmaids

  • Lighter pink and sage are not what I would call bright and bold, but I do think sage would look nice with a bouquet like the one in the picture if you want the flowers to stand out. I'm not sure how a lighter pink dress would look with bright flowers.

    My MOH wore dark purple at my wedding, and the bright flowers looked nice with that color. Some darker shades of green could work as well. 

  • I agree with @downtondiva. I don't think it would look good with pink. Purple, greens (including sage), burgundy would all work.
  • Pink & Sage are not "Brighter and bolder" they're muted and neutrals...  Now, Fuchsia or Electric Green that's brighter and bolder!  

    Slate Blue for the BM dresses could work since that's what your FI is wearing, or you could choose a darker shade of that blue or even a midnight blue (Depending on the shade this would be the likely darker equiv)..
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