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Wedding website not found?

My fiancee and I created a wedding website through The Knot. The URL is https://www.theknot.com/us/peter-and-bridget. We set it up so that when guests go to that URL, they're asked for a password, which they can enter to view the site. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work....

I noticed today that, when I try to access the site at that URL, I get a message that says "Oops! We're having trouble finding that page. Are you looking for a couple's registry or wedding website?" and a button that says "Search for the Happy Couple."

I clicked that button, searched for myself, and found myself and my fiancee, with a link that says "OUR WEBSITE". I clicked the link...  and was redirected back to the "Oops!" page.

All of this happens when I'm not logged into The Knot. When I am logged in, then the link works just fine, and I'm able to view the wedding website. Oddly, it redirects me to a different URL (https://www.theknot.com/us/peter-catlin-and-bridget-hoffman-may-2020), which it didn't used to do when we created the site a few months ago, but at least the site is visible on the different URL.

Can anyone help? I'm eager to make our website visible to our guests again as soon as possible.

Re: Wedding website not found?

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    Hi!  Welcome to The Knot.  Unfortunately, the majority of the technical issues is frequent, and support from the administrators is non-existent.  You can try to repost this on The Chit Chat Board or Wedding Woes, as they get the most traffic from regular posters.  We do have some tech savvy members that may be able to help you.  Just title your post something along the lines of, "Need Tech Support from REAL people" LOL

    For anything important and worthy of saving, however, such as RSVP's, guest lists, etc., I recommend you find a more supported website.  There is a great group of people on these boards, however, and I encourage you to try and repost this issue, and join in other wedding related conversations!
  • i'm having the same issue. our site is only showing up on desktop. nothing on mobile. it also reset a bunch of stuff, including my registry settings. people bought things i didn't want them to see... i suggest using a site other than the knot for your wedding. i've had nothing but problems. 
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