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Vendor Websites?

What do you find most helpful about a vendor's website that engages you? What aspects of a vendor website peak your interest during your planning process? 

Re: Vendor Websites?

  • Not to quibble, but it's "pique your interest," not "peak." Am assuming you are a vendor wanting to improve your website, right?

    I would include clear pictures of your work with good lighting. This is especially important if you are a food vendor. There is nothing nastier than badly lit food shots.

    Give your travel range. This is important. How far will you travel to a site, if at all?

    Indicate pricing structure. You may not be able to post exact prices, but give a ballpark so people will know if you're affordable to them.

    What's included? If you're doing food, are plates, etc., part of your plan? If music, is sound equipment rental extra? 

    Do not post testimonials. They are a waste. People can fake those. Instead, keep a list of references that you can give when people contact you.

    If you are a DJ or a musician, clips of you doing your thing are helpful.

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