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Any Royal Caribbean wedding reviews post 2018?

Fiancé and I have limited funds, a passion for travel, and not a huge drive to plan.... So Royal Caribbean cruise from Galveston it is! 
We got a head count of our family already so we know we have people to go, we’re bringing our son so we wouldn’t be using this as full on “honeymoon time”, and I’m not exactly the biggest bridezilla... My only musts are a dance with my husband and then father. 
With that being said, does anyone have recent experience with planning a wedding cruise? Especially on Enchantment with the seas... 

Re: Any Royal Caribbean wedding reviews post 2018?

  • The ceremonies usually happen on shore, the restrictions are the restrictions, you're asking people to front several thousands to attend your wedding and pay for their own experiences while at your wedding (typically considered rude to ask guests to pay for meals, drinks, etc. which a cruise bundles so they'd be stuck paying for your DW)

    You can satisfy your need to travel and have a dance with your father without breaking your guests' budgets by staying on shore and having your wedding at a nearby restaurant or hotel with a great view, have your dance, officiant of your choice, photographer of your choice, florist of your choice, etc. without expecting your guests to open their wallets to the tune of thousands of dollars.  
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  • @MesmrEwe is correct.  Proper wedding etiquette is that guests should not incur an admissions charge to go to the wedding.  Whether that's getting married at a botanical garden and it costs $5/person for the admission.  Or getting married on a cruise ship and it costs $1-$2K/person to attend.  The higher cost does not make a cruise ship an exception to this etiquette rule.

    A way to get around that is to get married on shore nearby.  That allows your guests the option to take the cruise with you all, if they want to.  Or not take the cruise, but can still watch you all get married.

    Another option is to get married during the cruise, but keep it a private wedding.  Only invite your parents and your FI's parents; however, you all would need to be willing to pay for their trips.  They might gift the money right back to you all!  That's what I would do if I was the parent and had the means.  But that would still be their choice and shouldn't be expected. 
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