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Hi Knotties. I am a little more than 7 months away from my wedding. I want to lose a little bit of weight, nothing drastic but I don't want to go overboard or become obsessive because I have a history and it can go down the rabbit hole very quickly. So far I am working out 5x a week (HIIT with F45, kickboxing, running, etc). I would love to tone up my arms a bit more. A trainer said to just do veggies and protein and I think that's fine for right before the big day but I think food and red wine is meant to be enjoyed. I would love to hear of what you are doing or what has and has not worked. I've been more diligent about using MFP to track calories as well. Thanks, all! 

Re: Realistic Goals

  • Don't be afraid to lift heavy weights to tone your arms. There's lots of guidance online, but I signed up for training sessions at my gym. 

    Also, for me, it's 80% diet 20% exercise. I can kill myself on cardio, and the scale won't move. Try to stay away from processed foods, eat healthy fats. When I really want to drop weight, I cut out sugar, dairy and grains (mostly Whole 30). But I'll still allow myself 1 cheat meal per week. 
  • Thank you SO much! 
  • Yep!  Add in the heavy bench pressing, lat pulls, pec deck, flies, deadlifts (heavy deadlifts are the cure of all of life's problems btw!)...  And most of all, heavier for reps!  Work until the work is done, not because "the list says 5 sets!", you know when your body has gotten a great workout not because a piece of paper says so.  Also, stop this about being "for the wedding" because looking great for the wedding is good, but looking great for your pictures in 5-10 years is even better!  Make this about a lifestyle, not short-term.  

    Also, think of the final weeks before your wedding as "contest prep" in bodybuilding.  I'd highly recommend linking up with someone who has experience with helping others do contest prep for bodybuilding (you have to be VERY picky about who this is - there are TONS of "I did a show and you can too!" types that'll mess your body up instead of set you up for success and after your wedding transition back to sustainable for a lifetime.   Most of the Pro-card level bodybuilder friends I have complain about how much food they have to force in, NOT the other way around starving themselves!!!  
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