Where to start?!

So, one and a half babies later (due in march) it happened!  I'm super excited and while we've been talking about it for some time and throwing ideas out there, now that it's time to plan, I'm at a loss!  I ordered the book the knot sells so hopefully thats here soon and we're planning on fall 2021 as of now (might change to summer?).  

Still, where the hell did you guys start?  How did you go about it and keep the future hubby involved and happy?

Re: Where to start?!

  • Start with two things - guest list, then budget (What you have in the actual bank to spend, NOT put on credit cards nor going into debt, and you/FI are responsible for paying for this)..  THEN premarital counseling (recommended for ALL couples regardless of how strong their relationship is - this often covers forgotten about subjects that it's best to discuss/decide before getting married!), officiant, venue, baker, caterer, florist, ..  Do not stress over the details, set your budget, be realistic about what you expect to get for the money.  Host your guests properly for the time of day of the event.  
  • With two little ones, I would also recommend you keep your budget realistic.  A modest wedding is no less a wedding than a black tie wedding.  I would wait until the newest little one arrives before you actually put any "locks" on your planning. 
    Absolutely think about your guest list first.  Bear in mind that it needs to be a bit fluid.....between now and Fall, 2021, people will fall in and out of your lives.  Current single friends may form relationships, family may expand with births, people may move away, etc.  Think about the financial aspects that may change within your own immediate family in the next 18 months as well.  Expenses will absolutely increase with a second child (Congratulations, by the way). 
    Remember that not all weddings need to be a dinner/dancing extravaganza.  I have attended lovely and amazing brunch weddings.  Luncheon weddings are also great!  Often a budget can go much farther if you consider something other than a "traditional" wedding. 
    Check out the budget and reception boards for lots of ideas from a variety of people from all walks of life. 
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