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Chateau Briand vs. Crest Hollow

Hi ladies,

I'm down to these last two venues and can't decide.
Anyone pleasee share their experience good or bad at these 2 venues.

Thank  you!

Re: Chateau Briand vs. Crest Hollow

  • i personally LOVE chcc, it won be over bc of the location and outdoor area.
    in the long run i didnt liike the idea of being married next door to a DSW lol

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  • I am not familiar with any but I google them and personally I like Chateau B. better.
  • I booked Chateau B for next November, so that's my vote! I've been to about 3 weddings at each location, and for me, the food at CB won me over. Not to mention, even if it's too cold or rains, they have gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous areas for pictures.
  • Was very upset with CB after visit, but only for one reason. They notified me that they would use my reception room as the cocktail hour for another wedding that evening; at the same time my guests were in cocktail hour downstairs. How can a room be cleaned and appropriately set (centerpieces, dj, etc.) when there is literally no amount of time? Also, knowing how guests are, it is ridiculous to think that there will not be a mess and the rooms are carpeted so I was grossed out by the dirt situation. Besides that personal issue, I found them to be very kind and their price was incredible for a Saturday evening. I had my prom at Crest Hollow (8 years ago) and was recently at a wedding there and I can safely say they haven't changed one bit. The food is amazing and so is the decor. Unfortunately I do not know about pricing and haven't met with them.
  • I went to a wedding at the Chateau Briand and felt like I was stuck in the 80's.  Kind of like the wedding singer movie.  You always say other brides through out the place.
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  • In Response to Re:Chateau Briand vs. Crest Hollow:[QUOTE]I went to a wedding at the Chateau Briand and felt like I was stuck in the 80's.nbsp; Kind of like the wedding singer movie.nbsp; You always say other brides through out the place. Posted by laxchick20183[/QUOTE]

    I don't understand the idea of why brides don't want to see another bride. Ladies it is not a competition you are both getting married! If I run into the other bride, I'll be thrilled! Tell her she looks pretty and congratulate her, wish her well and be on your way. Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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