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One of my best friends is a guy and I'm struggling with deciding whether I should ask him to be in my bridal party or not. On one hand, he's someone who is very close to me, but on the other, I don't think he'd fit the function of the bridal party. There are several events that the bride and bridesmaids normally do that I'd really like to be just with the girls. As much as I love him, some things are more fun as girl things. Should I include him in the bridal party?? Does anyone have any ideas on how to include him in the wedding in another way?
Thanks in advance!

Re: Bridesman?

  • It's up to you who you ask to be in your bridal party.  However, if you do, he needs to be invited to everything the other members of your WP are in.

    The only other appropriate wedding role would be to ask him to be a reader.
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  • It's totally fine to have men on your side. The idea that women are only friends with women is pretty outdated anyway. Many people opt for the gender neutral Bride's Attendants instead of bridesmaid/bridesman. 

    The only requirement of your WP is that they show up on the day of the wedding, walk down the aisle, and smile for photos. Anything else is extra and voluntary. If you're planning on inviting them to something where he would be uncomfortable, he's free to decline. 
  • There is no reason why you can't have a male attendant on your side. With regard to pre- and post-wedding events, just invite him the same way you would invite your other wedding party members and let him decide whether he wants to attend. If he declines, so be it. Not all "bridesmaid" events make female attendants comfortable, and not all "groomsmen" events make male attendants comfortable. Just go with the flow.
  • If he's one of your best friends, ask him to be a bridesman and let him decide what events and so forth he wants to attend. Don't exclude him just because of that. 

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