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Proper wording for education in engagement announcement

My fiance did not graduate from high school the year he was supposed to (2011), however he got his High School Diploma (GED) through the adult education program through our local community college. I feel like I know how to word it, but like to see if there are any other [better] suggestions. This is what I was going with: (Fiance) is a 2012 graduate from X Community College and is a (job) at (company) in (city, state).
Should I put that he graduated from the Adult Education Program from X college or just leave it like it is? People are so judgmental and I just don't want people getting the wrong idea (not that I care) because he's very successful. I just hope it isn't weird that there's no high school listed. TIA!!!

Re: Proper wording for education in engagement announcement

  • FWIW, leave both of your education out of it...  If anything the reason is modern day identity theft potential because one of the security questions is often where you attended school.  I'd also recommend leaving the company name off as well because "life changes" and looking through the album in 25 years "life happens"...   "Knottie numbers works as a nurse in a care center and KnottieFI works as a lineman"..  Is plenty sufficient and doesn't give too many details of your personal life away.  Also, consider not including the specific date, you don't need wedding nor house crashers!

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    I'd leave out all school details. Honestly, I don't even know that I've ever seen HS info either. Agree with PP to leave out exact details of employment too. There's no need to include that. 

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