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Has anyone found a successful way to register for gifts in multiple countries shipping to the US? My husband and I tried a few different ways with our wedding registry in 2018, but it was mostly a mess for our international guests. We are now expecting our first child and my MIL wants us to set up a registry for our friends and family in his home country. 

For background, my husband is Italian, I'm from the US, and we live in the US. We had our wedding in the US and a week later had a celebration in Italy since it would be difficult for so many people to travel, not to mention the cost. Where he grew up it's customary to have a paper list at a local shop and guests buy gifts locally. For our wedding that was not feasible to do that due to shipping and customs. Guests split about 50/50 on giving us gifts or cash. Many realized it would be difficult or impossible to bring gifts back with us, though a few still gave us things in person.

We set up a registry at and Macy's before we realized how problematic the US based registries were for the Italians. Most of the younger people were able to send gifts via those websites, but for many guests it proved to be incredibly difficult. We didn't realize that if you have an account, you still had to set up an account to order off a US registry. Several people bought gifts on but due to the extra verification for the Italian credit cards, the orders ended up being cancelled after a few days. Macy's was worse. They wouldn't accept an international billing address and suggested that we have people call them to place the orders! 

I started a registry on BabyList but now I realize this may not be the best option. Has anyone figured out how to register for gifts internationally with success? 

Re: International Registry

  • Have you had any luck with this? I'm in the same boat as you but my fiancé's family is from Brazil. Another problem we're running into for our registry is making sure the language is in Portuguese, since not everyone can read English.
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