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This sounds fake AF.

Dear Prudence,

My husband and I have lived next door to a middle-aged couple for about 10 years. We have always been friendly with one another until three weeks ago. Suddenly, they started turning their backs on me when I tried to speak to them and giving me hateful looks. We couldn’t understand why until my husband found a note on his truck one morning accusing me of having a long-standing affair and suggesting that he get a DNA test for our son. It wasn’t signed, but we were sure it came from them. A week ago, things escalated when members of their church came to the door with literature on adultery and offers of marriage counseling. It was all I could do not to slam the door in their face, and I am so beyond furious and frustrated at the neighbors.

I have never cheated on my husband, and I am baffled about where this idea came from, as I can’t think of anything I might have done. After the visit from the church, I stormed over to their house to confront them, but they refused to answer the door. I’ve tried several times since, and they won’t acknowledge or speak to me. At this point, I am at a loss about how to continue to live next door to these people. My husband says that we should return the favor and pretend they don’t exist, but that feels like letting them get away with this terrible behavior. What should we do?

—Not a Cheater

Re: This sounds fake AF.

  • Real Neighbors of NJ? 

    In 3 weeks all this started AND the LW decided that the best way to handle things was to write to Prudie?  Sounds like someone is a bored college student needing to do some creative writing over the holidays. 

    If this is real, I'd write to the local church hierarchy and would discuss the harassment received.   They can't actually prove anything about the neighbors however I'm sure that the local church would prefer to know when their parishioners are acting in a less than charitable manner and giving their parish a bad name.   
  • This sounds like the beginning of some really bad horror movie where everyone suddenly starts acting differently for some really sinister reason. I don't think it's real.
  • If this isn't MUD {Which likely is} then LW should just ignore it. If they know it's false info, then disregard it.
    I would 100% slam the door in their faces if someone came to my door accusing me of cheating.
    I wanna say accusation is a no-no in the church, but I'm not sure.

    Again, if not MUD then someone is starting a rumour and these folks have decided to listen to it.
  • (If not MUD)

    Yes, this is frustrating and infuriating. But it sounds like y'all were neighborly with one another, but it wasn't a tight friendship (unless LW skimped on the details).  If they aren't engaging with LW and their H on why they've come to this conclusion, then LW and H need to take the stance with anyone who asks of, "IDK why they believe this.  They will no longer speak to us. You may wish to ask them. It is not true."  And be done.  Don't keep trying to explain 'your side'.  And if they leave any more notes, call the cops for trespassing. 

    If you protest constantly and/or trash them, you look suspicious.  If you have nothing to hide, then act and live like it.  FURTHERMORE, you don't have to explain your marriage to anyone regardless of what's going on inside of it.  
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    If this letter is real, I feel like there is some sort of deflection going on within the marriage of the neighbors and it was somehow thought to be a good idea to blame the neighbors for their own infidelity.

    I think this is MUD though.  I have said before, I don't care for the current Prudie because I don't think they fully answer questions.  But I also think they don't fully vet their questions well because there seems to be a lot of possibly MUD questions being asked of Prudie lately.
  • Ignore them back.  Who cares.  "Friendly" isn't "friends".  It's neighbors you say "hi/bye", "been a hot one today", and "your roses are coming in so beautifully" to.

    I'd be one part PO'ed, but two parts LMAO off at randos from a church I don't even go to, coming to my door to talk about my supposed sins and marriage counseling.  Though I would graciously invite them to my and my H's "key party" on Sat.
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