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Grandpa and bride song suggestion

Sadly i lost my father 2 years ago, my brother is walking me down the aisle but doesn't want to do a special dance which is fine, I am super close with my grandparents and am thinking of asking my grandpa to have a special dance with me but not sure of what song. At my other grandmas funeral they played my wish for you, so i am not sure if that song would still be ok to use? I am open to any and all suggestions 

Re: Grandpa and bride song suggestion

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    I'm not sure using a song whose last association is at a funeral is a wise choice.  Do you have any songs from memories with him as a child you could use?  Does your grandpa have a beloved artist or song he loves from his era you could select?
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    I'm going to say this answer can greatly depend on the age of your Grandpa and his musical tastes/preferences..  You could find out what his wedding song was and dance to that depending on the song or you could talk to him and get his opinion on using that song!  

    (My Wish For You is a great song choice though!)
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    You should ask your grandfather what song he'd like to dance to. He might have some good suggestions. Also, not sure which generation your grandfather is from - like a pp said it could depend on his musical preferences. 
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