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I’m a 21-year-old college student who became physically disabled in middle school. I can’t walk for extended periods. I’m also mentally ill and have severe anxiety. I tend to avoid public events like concerts or sports games because venues are rarely accessible, and I find the planning quite stressful. But I’ve missed out on a lot of events I’d really rather attend. Recently I had the chance to buy discounted tickets to see an artist I love, and I found the venue had accessible seating. I made plans with friends to rent a house nearby and make a weekend of it. It’s been thrilling, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do since childhood but haven’t been able to.

But when I went to book the tickets, I realized I didn’t know where my friends are supposed to sit. The accessible section doesn’t appear to have any designated companion seating, and even if there were, I’m bringing three people with me. I feel terrible at the idea of taking up seating that could be used by other disabled folks. But I don’t want to sit alone with my friends several rows away. Part of me wants to just not go at all and save myself any trouble, but I was really looking forward to this. Do I book the seats and risk preventing other disabled people from getting this experience, or do I sit alone and risk a miserable time? Or do I not go at all? 

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    LW just needs to call the venue!  H and his friends go to the Phillies games frequently and the one is disabled.  They always get seating in the handicapped section and its always been fine for the 3 able bodied to sit with the disabled.  Depending on the venue, LW may only get 1 person to sit with and the other two may sit elsewhere.  But they won't know the set up until they call!

    But regardless, if LW can overcome the anxiety, they should just book the tickets and enjoy!
  • I "cheated" on the answer for this one.  According to Prudie's response, The Americans with Disabilities Act’s latest regulations state: “People purchasing a ticket for an accessible seat may purchase up to three additional seats for their companions in the same row and these seats must be contiguous with the accessible seat. Accessible seats may be used as companion seats.” 

    (Me) This make perfect sense to me and I'm glad there is a protection for this.  Because not being able to enjoy a performance with friends/relatives as much, because of a person's disability, would be undermining the very principles of the ADA.
    Yup - this!   
  • I say book the tickets! You deserve to attend, with your friends. 
  • I say go ahead and book the tickets. Pursuant to the ADA as quoted above, LW should be able to have 3 friends sitting in the same row with them no problem. If they were thinking of attending with more than that, it may be a good idea to call the venue to see how to best manage that.
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