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Outlander Inspired Wedding Decor

Hello! I am in desperate need of ideas.. my fiancé and I love Outlander (he got me into it when we were dating), and I'm struggling with how to incorporate it into our late May wedding reception table centerpieces. Any ideas?? 

Re: Outlander Inspired Wedding Decor

  • I love that show!  Can you do maybe some of the Scottish kilt colours as an underlay beneath your centerpieces?  Or some lanterns - I don't know how safe the ones they have in the opening credits would be, but any lantern will give a similar feel I would think.  They also do have replica fire arms like the ones in the show (I actually bought my husband one for our anniversary last weekend - it doesn't fire, it's just for show), but those would be pretty expensive, and they might get misplaced.

  • The lanterns are doable (pretty simple as a DIY but I'm sure somewhere has them that you can purchase already made), you're just going to want to plan from the start to use flameless candles instead of real...  
  • That's a wonderful idea! I may have to look for a replica firearm because my fiance would love something like that
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