Plus Size Clothing in Canada

Hello ladies I was just wondering where all the plus size women shop for their dresses?? I know the usual places like Torrid and Penningstons. I was wondering their were any smaller boutiques anyone could recommend in Canada. I've found a few like this one here. Was wondering if there was any other Canadian plus size options out there.

Re: Plus Size Clothing in Canada

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    What style of clothing are you interested in?

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    cleopantscleopants member
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    I have like your plus-size clothes, and I was constantly faced with the fact that the stores did not have my size. The most annoying thing is that there are always clothes for thin girls and they have a large selection. Recently, I began to find clothes of my size in online stores. No matter what online store I go to, there are always stylish clothes in my size. For example, a week ago, I found myself a hoodie on I could not resist and ordered five hoodies, as they look stylish. But most importantly, they are all my size and will hide all the shortcomings of my figure.

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    Hi, as you didn't specify what kind of clothing you are looking for, I thought this site could be beneficial for you to find a suitable vendor. Maybe reaching out to vendors to ask whether they could provide a dress for your size might work out as well. Good luck!
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