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Honest feedback on my hair trial please

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My sister’s sister in law does hair and is only charging $50 lol...and a couple weeks ago she did my first trial which went wrong. It was flat, barely any curls, and just okay. So I told her I needed my crown teased, more volume and more curls. So we had our second trial today and it was WAY better but I’m wondering if my curls need to be looser? Is it fine how it is? It doesn’t look exactly like Pinterest but it is very similar. Maybe I’m having unrealistic expectations?

We are going to give my crown more volume. She teased it but I want more so we will day of.

First hair trial vs inspiration 

Second hair trial

Another inspiration 

Re: Honest feedback on my hair trial please

  • flantasticflantastic The Midwest member
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    It looks pretty to me. I actually prefer it with fewer curls, so I like the first one.

    A lot of the difference in how these look will be based on the character of your hair vs. the character of the models' hair, such as thickness. My fine hair never holds a curl and it's blonde, so if someone tried to force it into that style such that it would stay all day, it would probably look oily and crunchy.
  • I like either option honestly.  And if you're going for curls I think the curlier one is fine.

    Ditto @flantastic that on your wedding day you will probably be going in a lot of directions, be warm and unless your hair curls up in that environment, you'll probably find that what was super-curly initially starts to settle a bit.   I remember one of my friends telling me that her photographer photoshopped a curl into a picture because her hair started to lose the curl by the time they were in their first dance. 

    Another word of advice - don't worry too much.   Both look great and are still highlighting you.  People are only going to notice the back of you when they can't see the front - and that's most likely going to be at the altar.   
  • Well I guess I’m moreso concerned about the front and neatness of it. Here I have done flyaways.  Below would be nice if it was more softer, I think it’s more elegant. 

  • I’m considering having a second trial with a new person because I don’t think my current can give me the look I want unless we keep trying and I keep directing her...but it’s like $100 for hair trials in my area for most and $160 for wedding day hair 😭
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    I think you are having slightly unrealistic expectations. Ditto PPS. Your hair texture and type will make your style different than ones in pictures. Find what looks great on you and don't worry about matching Pinterest.

  • My vote is "Unrealistic Expectations"...  Your hair is your hair... A pinterest Model's hair is their hair that which is posted there has also been through photoshop.  This is also something to consider with every vendor you are going to work with because I've seen florists whose pictures are great, then you see their work live and it's Meh... My baker was an example of this, she was nationally known in the baking industry, my in-laws love her, but my wedding cake still had indents of her hand print all over and wasn't what I ordered down to the wrong flavor.  There's the perfect image on the website and there's reality. 

    Also, you're going to be living life with your hair done the day of the wedding.  That means you're going to be walking outside, down the aisle, putting your dress on, twirling, etc. which your hair will do what your hair does no matter the amount of product.  If you don't like your sister's sister-in-law's work, go someplace else and leave the cost out of it because no cost is going to change you doing a lip curl....
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  • Also, your hair is a thicker courser texture than the images you're using as models...  Look at models with the same hair type as you have as well because that's going to impact things as well.  Your stylist is a stylist, she can't change your hair texture!
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  • Thanks all. I am testing out another stylist for a trial...if they do a better job I’ll go with them but if it’s same quality as my current then I will stick with her. I also think her work isn’t as neat as it should be...though I’ve seen her work at my cousins and my sisters wedding days and it was fine so idk. We will see.
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    So I tried out my hair stylist who usually cuts, colors and curls my hair and I think he did a better job. It looked more polished and bridal....only $30 and $60 for day of...we will see how it holds up! 
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