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Faster Processional Song


I am currently trying to decide on my processional song, and it may just be the hardest decision of the whole wedding haha! I am currently really loving Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys and was wondering if anyone else had walked down to a faster processional song. This is a very laidback, none traditional wedding, so I am not worried about that part. More the logistics and does it make it harder to walk/will I look foolish at this tempo.

Re: Faster Processional Song

  • The only thing to worry about tempo is how you personally walk in your wedding outfit. If you walk quickly and think of yourself as graceful, then yes, by all means have a fast entry; you'll look like a dancer or a young girl skipping head-over-heels (which you probably are, so what's wrong with looking it?). If you walk slow (me), are a bit of a klutz (also me), or have a long train that you're afraid of snagging or are wearing sky-high heels that make you a klutz (would be me if I wore those things, but I won't), then you'll want a slower entry song.
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