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Vow Renewal--please recommend your florists!

Hello Knotties! It's a trip to be posting here again--I was very active in this community when planning my wedding years ago. We are coming up on our 15th anniversary and would like to have a very tiny (just us and our 2 kids) vow renewal. Unfortunately, my brother was killed in a car accident 2 months before our wedding and while I was so glad to be getting married to my husband, it was a really heavy day in a lot of ways. So, we were thinking it would be fun to plan a tiny party for our anniversary that could be more of a fun day. 

We're planning to get new rings to exchange, and will have our pastor do a short (like... 10 minutes) ceremony with us in the small chapel of our church. Our kids (ages 6 and 10) are very, very excited about this and have announced that we will be dressing up. :smiley: Hence, we need flowers! 

For our wedding we did all white hydrangeas. So for this, I'd like to do something COMPLETELY different and have gotten hooked on the idea of a bouquet with all green cymbidium orchids, like this: 


Anyone have a florist they love that wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for this? (Our wedding florist seems to have gone out of business--ack!) Mpls or SW metro preferred.

After the ring ceremony, we plan to have a family photo session on the Stone Arch Bridge, followed by a small dinner at Bachelor Farmer. Or would another restaurant in that area be better?

Fun to post here again & thanks for any and all advice! 
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