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Second Guessing Dress Choice

I went shopping a few weeks ago and tried on a gorgeous dress that I thought I would end up buying, but had another appointment the same day so I held off. I ended up crying when I tried on a dress at the 2nd shop so I took that as a sign that it was THE dress. They told me I would be able to have lace added how I wanted to make the dress what I wanted, so I ordered it that day. 2 weeks later, I met with the seamstress who basically said she could bring more lace down to help camoflauge the belly area, but she pretty much ignored my request for adding lace throughout the rest of the dress, saying "oh that's a lot, you don't need all that!" I thought that's what I'm paying for but ok whatever, I ordered more lace and figured I'd deal with the details later. The dress is coming from China and with the coronavirus that makes me nervous that it might not come in time - they originally said July, wedding is in September so even that doesn't give much time for alterations.

Now, a month or so later I looked back at the first dress and it is EXACTLY what I want with the lace throughout. I called and they have it in stock in my size (that I tried on originally so I know it's the right size). 

What do I do?! Do people resell dresses and not lose a ton of money? Should I just be happy with however it turns out or should I make a move for the one that is in stock in case the other one doesn't make it in time?

Re: Second Guessing Dress Choice

  • I'm not sure which dress is which in the pictures. However, you will probably not get the majority of your money back if you resell the dress. Only you can decide if loosing the money is worth buying the dress you really want. Is there another seamstress you can use to alter the dress you bought?
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    You're going to likely make up the financial difference in the cost of alterations that you'd lose from selling the first dress.  It's also not the seamstress' job to tell you want you want only if it is within their skill level to do (which isn't the case a lot of times!).  Adding the lace from a labor perspective is where the "it gets expensive in a hurry" part comes from.  The cost of the lace in reality is the one part you probably won't lose as much on because that's an easy resell as long as you have the design number and designer (lots of people want the flowergirl to match the bride and need lace which they can't otherwise get for making the dress)..  

    Go get the first dress knowing it's exactly what you want and don't look back.  It's not worth hating your wedding pictures asking "what if" because the dress isn't what you wanted.

    Next, a lot of what's coming out about the coronavirus is a high propensity for mass hysteria.  Flu deaths are 1.5% and the coronoavirus is 2% of confirmed cases.  Sucks for that .5% but statistically, still better odds than a lot of things in life.  Commerce will return to normal soon and people will have forgotten about it like so many all encompassing stories in the media...
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