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Should I be worried about offending my baker?

We picked a baker with great cakes we sampled at our venues open house. We have booked her and paid a deposit for our wedding cake and currently I am discussing some cake pops and possibly some chocolates to also serve at our wedding from her, as well. That being said, I have a favorite bakery here in town that makes amazing french macrons and I would like to treat our guests to some in addition to everything else at our dessert table. Is this ok? Should I be worried I am going offend my baker? Or is it common to get some things from one vendor and some from another? Just trying not to hurt anyone's feelings and get an idea of how other people do things. 


Re: Should I be worried about offending my baker?

  • The son of a friend of ours did this exact same thing. They had cake from one bakery and gave macaroons as favors from another bakery. As long as the venue doesn't have rules about food from unapproved vendors, you should be ok.
  • I don't see an issue here, so long as your venue allows it and you haven't agreed not to use any other baker for anything in your wedding.
  • As long as your venue and bakery contracts allow it I think you’re in the clear. 
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    No, do not worry about offending your baker. They know that everyone has different tastes and preferences. The texture I prefer for my cupcakes is different than my husband's, for example, so we would probably prefer cupcakes from different bakeries.

    If the bakery finds out before the wedding, they might want to upsell you - "Oh, you want macarons? We can take care of that for you too! Think of the convenience!" but a no is perfectly fine to give. They're a business, they should be able to put on their big kid pants and handle it fine.
  • The issue is going to be with both bakers and potentially their insurance and state food codes.  Many times they'll work together if it's a product they don't offer, but you need to be up front in asking BOTH vendors if they're o.k. with the other providing those items.  Having many baker friends, they're often fine if they know UP FRONT (and sometimes depends on the bakery and what product is being provided) - however - if they show up and there's stuff there from another/unknown source, it is in their contract "no cake for you!" because it not only has to do with food sourcing but also that baker's reputation.  
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  • We ordered wedding cakes from two different bakers for our daughter's wedding. It was fine. Just pay each the price they ask and they'll be happy.
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