Dress Alterations Nightmare

Hi all!

I went for my first dress fitting a few days ago. It was very humbling to say the least. The lady seemed nice at first but quickly got on my nerves when she kept mentioning how “curvy” I was. She also told me that my posture was so terrible because I had a bunch of extra weight to carry around. (Okay I get the point, lady!) I told her that I wanted to lose at least 15 lbs before my wedding in August. She told me that I should absolutely NOT lose any weight because I would be looking at $800+ in alterations. That just seems like a ridiculous amount to me but I honestly don’t know a whole lot about alterations and how much they cost. I really want to lose this weight but don’t want the extra expense. Has anyone been in a similar situation where they lost a ton of weight and had to have their dresses altered? 

Re: Dress Alterations Nightmare

  • Yikes, I'm sorry this happened to you. Is there a way you can get the alterations done by someone else? The seamstress should not be making comments about your body. If not, do not worry about the weight. Many brides inadvertently lose weight due to stress, not dieting, before they get married. And maybe it depends on the dress, but I can't imagine an $800 bill for extra alterations. My daughter lost some weight by accident, and all the seamstress had to do was sew in bra cups and take the waist in a little. It was nowhere near $800.
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