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Help! No hotel rooms!!! :(

My wedding is just about 1 year away. I went to block out hotel rooms for my guest. (Looking to try and block 50 rooms total) I just found out I picked a wedding date that has a ton of major things going on in that area. (Spring Break and Bike Week) It is absolutely impossible to find any place for my guest. Even Airbnb’s are booked and the remaining hotels rooms are very expensive. The location is a beach town so the only options are over 30 min away. ANY AND ALL advice appreciated. What do I do?! 😳

Re: Help! No hotel rooms!!! :(

  • Do most of your guests have to travel? If so, I would say either move the date or move the location. 

    If most people are local, I would just assume they'll go home that evening, assuming they're able to attend. Big event weekend means locals may be working or otherwise involved in festivities. 
  • How many of your guests will really need to stay in a hotel? 

    I think you should try to move the date of your wedding. Can you do the week before or after? 
  • Especially being a year out, I assume you wouldn't have too many vendors booked yet?  Maybe just the venue?  I'd talk to any vendors that have already booked the date and see what the ramifications would be to change it to a different weekend.

    Plus, if you also have a lot of out-of-town guests who will need to fly in, they may not be able to find flights.
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