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Coronavirus Is canceling My Wedding

My wedding is scheduled for May 1st 2020. My Fiancé is in the military stationed in Maryland. Due to COVID-19, the government is not allowing our military domestic travel till after our wedding date. Our wedding is taking place in South Carolina. Unfortunately our invitation's already were sent out and we have been receiving RSVP's. I'm calling all my vendors Monday to see what options I have. I fear we will lose our money, and a year of planning, time, and energy will be for nothing. Heartbroken over the situation, any other brides affected?

Re: Coronavirus Is canceling My Wedding

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    **I'm not a military bride, but a Veteran*
    My wedding is May 16th - with 90% of our guests coming from out of state. With the recommendation that no events larger than 50 people (which I'm assuming includes event staff), we're looking at having to postpone as well. I haven't slept more than 3 hours a night in a week. Heartbroken for sure.  :'(
    Our guests being from away, we sent out our invitations early and have received about half back. Probably 1/4 of them have health issues that would prevent them from being able to travel without stopping at public facilities during their drive. 
    We purchased wedding insurance back in December, which I added event cancellation and postponement to, thinking we'd be more likely to have a severe weather event. 
    I've tried to get our add-on events covered as well, but insurance companies put a moratorium on any new cancellation or postponement coverage.  :'(
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    @slatercook2020 I understand, it's so frustrating. We also have a lot of out of state travel, and some already expressed their concern to me about traveling durning this time. I called my vendors today. It looks like we are going to be able to get our money back from the venue, but our Dj isn't being very considerate. I still have a few phone calls to make. We just don't know what to do though, I can't stop stressing. Are your Vendors letting move the date, or you thinking about canceling everything?
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    I am not a military bride, but I can relate. I have my vow renewal scheduled for May 16. We did a courthouse marriage 10 years ago due to finances so this was supposed to be our big event and finally our real wedding that we always dreamed of. All of our vendors (except catering) have already been booked and our invitations already went out. I’m depressed and mourning the potential loss of something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. I’ve been crying a lot. All this to say I feel your pain and you’re not alone. 
  • I was supposed to have a small wedding on April 2nd. Needless to say, the celebration and honeymoon are now canceled. I'm trying to get my money back from my photographer, videographer, and hair and makeup vendor. They are all saying that my deposit (that was paid in full) is nonrefundable. Is there anything I can do?? I don't want to get mean...but this is just so terrible. I'm sad about having to cancel my wedding and now I can't even get my money back?? 
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    @knottiec78e75ea5bc07297 I would check all your contracts. The Coronavirus is considered an Act of God. I feel as you should be given back your deposits. I would do some asking around. If you know a lawyer maybe they can help you out on some questions. 
  • My wedding was scheduled for 3/29 in New Orleans. The city cancelled everything and the only silver lining is the hope that the Air Force will let my son travel by June.
  • All of my vendors allowed me to change the wedding date. Just keep asking, and cry if you have to.
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    Hey! My fiancé and I are duel military stationed in South Dakota.  We are both B-1 aviators and we have several deployments coming up in the next 2 years. We were supposed to get married in April in Detroit (where groom is from). Now we can not physically make it and we put down $16,000 in non refundable deposits. I’ve talked to every vendor and NOT A SINGLE ONE is letting me get a refund. It’s unfortunately impossible for us to reschedule due to the nature of our job. We have a scheduled deployment in September and we wanted to get married before then. Our commander said there is no guarantee that we can make a future day work. Our only hope is either negotiating a military clause that allows us to get a refund then or take them to a small claims court. We are so devastated and disappointed in how difficult this has been.
  • i am a military bride, we are pcsing at the end of July. our wedding is in April, we are afraid we are going to have postpone and now with the re station-ment we are going to have such a small time frame... kinda feel like we got screwed all the way around.
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