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Cancellations due to Corona?

Hi there, 
My wedding date is June 6.  I'm not sure when to start cancelling due to this horrible chain of events.  Anyone with the same date?  What are you doing?  Are you waiting or are you postponing sooner than later?  

Re: Cancellations due to Corona?

  • Hello there!
    As of right now, my fiancé and I are keeping the date. Our original date was April 4th but with this covid-19 crisis, we made the decision to postpone the wedding and thankfully our venue had June 6th available. I'm pretty sure it was available because another wedding cancelled. We have another date locked for us next year, May 1, 2021 just incase things don't get better (fiancé gets deployed this July so we have no choice but to bump it to next year). If things are not improving by two/three weeks prior to June 6th, then we will postpone no question. It's not worth the risk of one of our loved ones getting sick. 
    I hope this helps! Just know you are not alone in this craziness and I know how badly this sucks! 
  • Our date was 4/4 and we are in the process of rescheduling. It looks like July is when our wedding will be. Not happy everyone is going through it but glad to know its not just me stressing out here.  I do know that it will all work out.  Cant believe it was only 2 weeks away.
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