Do my DIY flowers look better with the extra greenery?

Thinking of using fake flowers to cut costs since my cousin has extra floral from her wedding. I would just buy some burgundy and more greenery. I was toying around with the arrangement with some vases I have but I am thinking of a compote.

Anyway, first photo is the first design and the second one I added some eucalyptus greenery...which do you think looks better? Does it need less or more of something? Different lighting cuz one was at night and one was morning lol.

Re: Do my DIY flowers look better with the extra greenery?

  • IMO the eucalyptus gives the arrangements a nice update so they're slightly different from what they were originally.  FWIW, I wouldn't overthink the vases because if you're using these to cut expenses, that's another good way to cut some expenses because neat as some vases are, a mason jar or $1 store vase will get the job equally done! 
  • Both options look really pretty, but I also like the extra greenery better.
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