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I've finally gotten into podcasts.  I do not like the criminal ones though (no Serial or anything like that).  I do like stories w/a beginning and an end. or an overarching theme that has individual stories (like Invisibilia) and politically themed stories or reports or legal stuffs or music.

I also just started listening to "Wind of Change" and it's FASCINATING.  It's about the possibility of the CIA writing one of the biggest rock anthems that was the "theme" of the Berlin Wall falling down and examining propaganda that doesn't look like propaganda.  There's only 2 episodes of Apple, but Spotify has the entire season.

A few others I'm really enjoying/enjoyed:

Last Days of August: Season 1 only (NSFW really, it's about how Pornhub has affected the adult sex work industry, Season 2 is meh)
Dolly Parton's America
McMillions (companion to the documentary and a great addition)
Cocaine and Rhinestones: History of Country Music
Unlocking Us with Brene Brown (this hussy calls my ass out all the damn time)
This Day in Esoteric Political History
In the Dark (all the seasons)
Gospel Roots of Rock and Soul (the narrator is just okay, but the subject matter is fascinating)

Re: Podcasts Check In

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    First Anniversary 5 Love Its Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    I am sporadic on what I listen to, but I have to plug "LeVar Burton Reads"
    GO catch up on all the seasons.  Because mr Reading rainbow, of the banana clip eyewear fame frickin reads grown up fantasy/scifi stories to us.
    ANd it is amazing
  • Not listing true crime

    Ologies <- awesome lady interviews experts in fields covering all sorts of topics
    Terrible, thanks for asking <- I don't really know how to describe it. It is mental health but amazing. Definitely one of my absolute favorites.
    Revisionist History
    Gangster Capitalism
    Intrigue <- done by BBC, about people tunneling out of east Germany
    Overheard at National Geographic
    Do you need a ride <- Karen Kilgariff and Chris Fairbanks drive around and get Starbucks.
  • Oo, I have Ologies in my list, good to see another recommendation for it.
  • I shouldn't say I don't like true crime.  B/c I loved Bear Brook, but it wasn't about the killer, it was about the crime itself and how it ended up changing investigations.  The podcast "Believed" was about the victims of Nassar and how they caught him.  I'm just finicky about them and I can tell pretty quickly if I'm going to like it or not.  There's an element of sensationalism sometimes that upsets me.

    Also, Bundyville is amazing and scary AF to listen to.  It goes into the politics of the far right wing who think things like county sheriffs are the ultimate authority, etc.
  • I like to a lot of true crime stuff. 

    I did like Headlong - 2 good seasons. One about Richard Simmons, and one about Y2K. 
    Where Should We Begin - sessions of counseling 
    American Scandal 
    Gladiator - this is about Aaron Hernandez. 
    The Drop Out - about Theranos 
    My Dad Wrote a Porno - hilarious 
  • I listened to Believed, so good. 
    Along the same lines is Teacher's Pet from the Australian. 

    The Dollop is a funny American history podcast. The early episodes are light-hearted they have become more serious (but still funny) recently as they host have become more political.
  • I have about 30 some podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and about 15 more that have ended (I want more Dolly Parton's America) or I listen to sporadically.  Mostly True Crime and History.

  • I LOVE UNLOCKING US! Omg, that woman speaks directly to my soul.  I need to go back and listen to the one about grief, but I’m not ready yet. I also bought Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. 

    ‘How did this get made’ is a hilarious podcast about bad movies.

    ‘Disgraceland’ is a podcast about the music industry and specific stars/band’s shenanigans. It dabbles lightly in true crime, but I’ve learned a lot about some of faves. 

    ‘Trashy divorces’, famous/high profile divorces covered by an irl couple that have great rapport. 

    ‘The Dream’ 1st season was about mlm’s and the second was about the wellness industry. 

    ‘Good one’, comedians deconstructing jokes and talking about stand up. 

    ‘Andrea savage: grown up woman #buttholes’ interview podcast, lots of comedy, but she’s exploring the question of “when did you feel like a true grown up” with her guests. 

    ‘Hysteria’ woman focused podcast about politics and pop culture

    ‘Criminal’ sounds like true crime, but it’s so much more. Plus Phoebe Judge has the most soothing voice. 

    ‘Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness’ interview podcast focusing on one expert 

    ‘Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd” interviews with celebs and experts. He has one with Brené and also, my most favorite was him and John Gottman. 

    ‘Death sex and money with Anna Sale’ interview pod with everyone from all walks of life. Sale is an amazing interviewer. 

    I listen to a ton of political and true crime too. 
  • Oh, I forgot about The Dream. That was good. 
  • I love Real Talk Radio which is long form conversations with, mainly, women from a wide range of backgrounds (athletes, entrepreneurs, artists). 

    Call Your Girlfriend 

    American Scandal follows business and political scandals in US history. Some seasons are better (Enron, Iran Contra, NY State, Tuskegee Syphilis Study) than others (Valerie Plame). 

    Business Wars is about competitions among major companies in the same industry (the North Face/Patagonia one was really interesting and the Hersey/Mars). 

  • What platforms do you all use for podcasts? I've been thinking I should start listening to them more while WFH. 
  • What platforms do you all use for podcasts? I've been thinking I should start listening to them more while WFH. 
    I use Stitcher for the most part.  I have Stitcher premium because I got it for $15 for a year.  There are a couple I listen to that I can only find through the iPhone podcast app, and I listen to Last Podcast on the Left which is exclusively on Spotify. 

    Speaking of Spotify, they just signed an exclusivity and marketing agreement with Joe Rogan, who has the most popular/downloaded podcast of all (he makes something like $30M per year from it).  The deal is rumored to be $100M+.  I'm curious to see how that plays out in the future.  I'm sure Spotify is going to buy up some smaller podcast apps and/or some companies may make the move to these types of agreements.  On one hand, having 500 apps to listen to all my podcasts kinda sucks...but at the same time, I have to go to hulu, netflix, hbo, etc to watch different TV shows, so...
  • Oh and My Favorite Murder is my favorite podcast of all.  They have a LOT of conversation about mental health, their discussion about crimes is very victim focused and shitting on the bad guys vs. making these killers "prolific", and they've started venturing out to talk about disasters and events vs. straight up murder. And they close out each show with 'fucking hooray' which is just celebrating straight up good shit in their and listeners lives.  It's labeled as a 'comedy' vs. 'true crime' podcast.  

    I'm biased because I've been a fan for forever, saw them live, and met them.  But I seriously love them. 
  • @mrsconn23 The over/under functioning person?  I was just like, Just freaking @ me next time, damn.  It brought home so much stuff about myself that I kind of knew, but having an actual discussion about was something I needed to hear.  I think she balances the line of discussing, supporting, and learning without getting into too much cheerleader hoorah that turns me off.

    I used Apple Podcasts, only b/c I like their interface more than Spotify's interface in general, but even more so when it comes to podcasts.  Also, now I won't use Spotify b/c I loathe Joe Rogan.  I was about to finally give in and go premium, but I've kiboshed that now and will probably go with Google Music instead.
  • The grief one was with David Kessler, who worked with Elizabeth Kubler Ross.  Ross came up with the 5 stages of grief (she wrote "On Death and Dying" which I have not read, but hope to have the courage to do so one day).  Kessler is amazing on his own and also has a book I want to read (too lazy to google title). 

    But I identified with the over/under functioning one.  In a 'crisis' I am the one to run to it, I will take over telling people/providing information, etc.  But as soon as it's over, I have the tendency to 'crash' and literally can't function for a day or two.  

    I'm not a fan of Spotify's interface at all.  I like Stitcher way better, but they can sometimes be glitchy.  Apple drives me nuts because it doesn't always order the episodes correctly and their episode search function sucks.  
  • OMG, and I forgot about "What a Day" which is a ~20 min daily pod that runs down headlines/stories from the previous 24 hours.  The hosts are funny with a dry wit, so they definitely have a good balance of being serious and then a smart zinger.  They sometimes do brief interviews with experts. DefConn actually likes to listen to it with me in the car.  
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