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Belgian Lace- Help?

Hello, everyone!

I'm getting married May 25th 2021 in Wyoming. My parents recently surprised me with a beautiful piece of handmade Belgian lace from, you guessed it, Belgium, that they bought for me with the hopes that I could incorporate it into my wedding somehow. It's quite large, maybe three feet by three feet? And I adore it and the thought that went behind it, however I'm a bit stuck with what to do with it. I'm quite savvy and can sew and DIY just about anything, but I'm a bit stuck with coming up with some ideas. I'd love to incorporate it into my outfit somehow, but will take any and all suggestions! Thank you in advance! :) 

Re: Belgian Lace- Help?

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    What a lovely gift! I know zip about sewing, but is there any way you could use it for the bodice of your dress? I'm asking because my husband brought me a sari from India and it came with a piece of fabric about the dimensions you describe that is designed to be integrated into the blouse part. Would this be possible?
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