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I am recently engaged and looking to plan a small intimate ceremony and reception. I have a small budget of $3500 for maybe 25-35 people which needs to included everything. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Budget wedding South Florida

  • Be wise with your pennies.  You may be able to book out a restaurant side room for a group of 35 without any issues maintaining your budget.  When it comes to your dress, go ahead and hit up the sales, David's Bridal often has dresses incredibly reasonably.  Usually what we tell brides is when you go dress shopping half your budget for the dress portion (the other half will likely be taken over by things like alterations, undergarments, etc.  Also, purchase your veil online or DIY because the markup at bridal shops is absolutely INSANE - the same veil for ~$15 online can easily be $200 in a bridal shop!)..  When it comes to your FI's attire, renting vs. purchasing are often a wash, so getting a nice suit when they're on sale is the way to go as well.  As for cake, for 35 you could easily do a small tiered cake from from your local bakery to still have the tiered cake experience without breaking the bank, just remember simple for you and simple for your baker may be two different things.  Also, pay the difference to have them do the delivery and setup!

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