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Should I not include my sisters in my bridal party?

I have four half sisters. Two of which I’m quite close with, one who I’m not very close to (and is also engaged) and one who is much younger in high school. I also have a big friend circle and 8 girlfriends I want in my bridal party. 

My sister who is engaged asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and if it weren’t for this, I do not think I would have asked her to be in mine but now I can’t help but feel guilty if I didn’t include her. If I include her, it also doesn’t feel like I’m being genuine to myself. 

So I have thought about just having my 8 friends and not including any of my sisters. I spoke to the two sisters I’m very close with and they said they’d be happy either way. If I didn’t include them, I was thinking of having something special for them to do in the events or even dress in a certain color, etc. but then I keep going back and feeling torn about it. 

Re: Should I not include my sisters in my bridal party?

  • It's fine to just ask your 8 friends.  But the only other role in a wedding is as a reader.  Also, don't dictate a particular color they should wear, if they aren't in the WP.  I realize you would mean for that to be something special.  However the reality is, it would be annoying to not be in the WP, but still be told what to wear to the wedding and possibly have the hassle of going out to buy something new.

    A much better way to do this is to give each of your sisters a corsage.  You all don't have to.  Being a guest is an honor enough.  But it's a nice gesture if you want to do something a little extra for them.
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