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Hi Everyone!
I’m currently having a huge dilemma with my venue. I don’t want to name them because I think if Covid wasn’t happening they would be easier to deal with. 
The venue has an area for an outdoor ceremony which is not an issue, but the issue is the tent/cabin area for a reception. The person who I’ve been in contact with told me that the area is up in the air for a reception and a backup plan would be to use a pavilion that is located in the park of where the ceremony is, but we didn’t need to make a decision right away.
Now, all of a sudden, she is demanding that we only use the pavilion and need to “let that go before we go further” in regards to not being allowed to use the tent/cabin.
I am facing an issue because per Ned Lamont’s guidelines, that I have shown her and emailed her, we are allowed to have a reception with 100 people or less under a tent. I have come up with other ideas to help with spacing out tables and guests, and she has continually ignored my thoughts, and is making excuses to not make this happen. 
I mentioned if we had to use the pavilion, which is open to the public, who would sanitize it? What type of disinfectant would be used? How would I have documentation that it was sanitized? It seems to be a lot more dangerous for my guests, when the tent/cabin area has not been used and not open to the public, as well as my catering staff would be able to properly sanitize. She ignored that question.
I called the town that the park is in and unfortunately the park is it’s own entity and they can’t really do much. I have been trying to get ahold of the park director but I’ve called 4 times, no response, and the email listed it the one I’m already using to contact the venue. 
I’m not sure if venues are able to dictate their own rules but I would have hoped that they would want weddings and receptions to start back up again.
At this point, I don’t know what else to do. This is my 2nd wedding that I’ve planned since the first one was supposed to be last month, and we changed locations. We have agreed that we are not rescheduling for a 3rd time and now that restrictions are lifted with new guidelines, I hoped this wouldn’t have been an issue but looks like I was wrong. 
Please help! 
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