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Please tell me which dress looks more flattering

 I’m having the hardest time deciding. The open back one was my first purchase but I couldn’t stop thinking about the second.

Re: Please tell me which dress looks more flattering

  • I think they are both stunning! If you can’t stop thinking about a dress I think that’s a sign. Also you can probably wear a bra with the second (if that’s something you’re concerned about) but you’ll have a harder time with the first. 

    That said the lace in the first is also gorgeous! 
  • You've got the back to pull off the first dress (Nice work in the gym!), the second just something about the waist line on the dress hits a little high to really flatter properly though an embellishment of some sort would entirely alter that so some form of essentially hiding the seam..  

    That said - which do you love looking at yourself in the mirror more when wearing?  If it's the second, go with it over anything any stranger says on the internet!  You could also become a 2-dress bride or wear one for the Rehearsal Dinner and the other for the Ceremony or one for the Ceremony and the other for the Reception!  But end of the day - wear the one that lights YOU on fire that you'd marry yourself wearing!
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