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Anyone want to do a 4 day destination (or local) wedding on a Private Beach in Key Largo?

Hi everyone!

My name is Erin and I am a covid bride.

My dream was to have a destination wedding. I wanted it easy, breezy and relaxed, with a whole weekend to celebrate with family and friends. I found the perfect venue, Key Largo Lighthouse Beach! (See ).

The reviews are amazing, and my experience with the venue has been nothing but great, I have emails to prove it!

My wedding was going to be four days of pure bliss, on a private beach with amazing beach houses for my bridal party to stay in (the houses can hold 25 people comfortably!)

They even gave us a hugeeee discount because of covid!

We planned the whole thing, including catering, desserts, an open bar, dj and photographer.

But then covid hit.

After moving our date back 3 times, expending our engagement far longer than we wanted, we decided enough was enough. We decided to do a small, local ceremony and reception on August 1st, and we are now married! It wasn't my dream wedding, but it ended up being perfect, even though it was planned in two weeks!

But now we've paid for two weddings, and we don't feel like we need another reception. We want that money to pay off student loans, or put a down payment on a house! Or even for our future child's college fund.

However, we cannot get our money back from the venue, per the contract.

Finally to the point of my post, the only way we can get a refund is by finding someone to take our place. No one would pay us directly, it would be the normal way for whoever takes over, you'd pay the venue. You'd also get our discount so you'd save money.

If anyone knows someone who wants an amazing destination/beach wedding in 2021, please let me know! I'll give you more details directly.

Re: Anyone want to do a 4 day destination (or local) wedding on a Private Beach in Key Largo?

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