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Yes, therapy.

Dear Prudence,

I was approached three times for modeling opportunities, once by what I didn’t realize at the time was a large fashion magazine (that Kim Kardashian herself “broke the internet” on). I thought myself spiritually and intellectually above it and that my life would amount to more, so I put the cards handed to me in a little box. Well: Hello, 28th birthday, hello not amounting to what I thought I would, and hello regret. It haunts me. I do catwalks in my room. Is it too late? Do I even want it? I’m aging, I’m not the fabulous writer I wanted (want) to be (depressed, unmotivated). Am I doomed to regret? Do I pursue modeling? I enjoy my beauty, maybe more now than I did then. For the record, I know 28 is when models usually retire. Or should I pursue therapy? It really sucks. I feel like a waste.

—Haunted by Should-Haves

Re: Yes, therapy.

  • Well, we can see that you're not the writer you think you are. 

    Yes, therapy. 
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  • LMAO

    what else does LW like?  If not modeling or writing - it’s not to late to go back to school for even another career change.

    and I say this as someone who hates school, always tried to go back, and failed.   But I can tell others to go.

  • I know, that was kind of mean. The over-wrought, dramatic naval-gazing just isn't for me. 

    But agree with @CharmedPam. It's not too late for a career change. Writing and modeling are not the only options out there. Maybe a career counselor would be a good stop. 
  • Therapy. 
    But the world isn’t made up of models and writers, there are other options out there. Maybe take a gander at some other opportunities. 
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    It's not too late to be a model.  WTH.  Oh, I'm sorry.  Do you specifically mean the kind of "top models" who hit the Paris and  Milan runways?  As opposed to the mom in the peanut butter ad making sandwiches for her toddler?  Oh, okay.  Well then yeah, you might be too old at 28 (though I don't know).

    She reminds me of a guy I dated in college.  He was super bummed he couldn't be a fighter pilot because he was too big and tall.  But couldn't be a defensive lineman in the NFL either because he'd blown his knee out in college.  Yeah, dude.  You can't be a fighter pilot or in the NFL.  Sorry your life is over (eyeroll).
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  • Yow. Therapy.
  • It's not either or...  And really, there already are enough screwed up therapists in the field who need the chair time themselves more than their clients do.  

    "If what you're doing isn't working LW - DO ANYTHING else!"...  Become the model and writer you want, and not all models end their careers around age 28, the Kardashian family are proof of that...  No one is going to hand it to you though, you've got to do the shoe leather work that no one sees in the limelight picture...
  • Therapy. And career counseling.

    And I agree with @MyNameIsNot's assessment of your writing.
  • Also agree that the career counseling is needed here.    Sounds like LW is having a crisis of "what to be when they grow up" and it's a good idea to talk to someone who can assess their skills and aptitudes to determine potential next steps.  
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