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My fiance and I got engaged last may in Cinderella's Caste in Walt Disney World. We are now starting to plan and so many ideas are going around in my head. We want a disney themed wedding but not in Disney. We also do not want just Cinderella or just one fairytale. Its our theme is "Love is a fairytale" so we want to encorperate different stories. Everything I find is CINDERELLA. We would like to have each table themed to a different romantic couple from Disney. I could really use some advice and ideas. My mind is open.

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    That's a challenging one, but so cute!  Aladdin & Jasmine would have a middle-east theme feel. You can use drapes and glass as part of the decor.  Beauty and the beast, the rose plays a big part in the story so you can use roses for flowers.  Work in the teacup and candelabra into the decor or favors.  Ariel and prince? would be a sea theme, you can use shells and lobsters. If you wanted to do each table after a couple, you could use linens to match that princess outfit.  I.e. yellow/gold for belle; blue for Cinderella, etc. I know there are others, but that's all I can think of now.  Good luck!
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    That is so GREAT!  We got engaged on May 15, 2010 in Disney World!  When/where was yours?  So cute :)

    We are a HUGE Disney fan couple.  We actually didn't really want Disney World as our main theme, but we want it as hidden features of the wedding.  Our main theme is country/autumn/rustic but we thought Frontierland was perfect for that.  I am thinking of having different Country Bears be the name of our tables.  We will have a picture framed of each bear and have that be at the center instead of a boring "#1" we can have a "Big Al" table :)

    For his groom's cake, he is thinking of having an abstract Cinderella's castle and then have 4 pies/cakes surrounding it representing Adventureland/Frontierland/Fantasyland/Tomorrowland.  For example, Adventureland can be Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Frontierland can be a blueberry pie.

    I think if you did Sleeping Beauty (my favorite) it could be a woodsy/nature feel with a lot of leaves/moss/greenery as she was always singing with woodland creatures.  Ariel can be a beach/caribbean/water theme, Jasmine can be Arabian... If you wanted some offbeat couples you can do Robin Hood/Maid Marian and have a Renaissance feel or Pergo and Perdita and do a dog or London theme.

    It's really endless!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your magical engagement and I can't wait to hear more about your ideas!
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    We got engaged May 23, 2009. In the castle right after wishes. It was a whole production and absolutey magical. \the ring was presented to me inside of a glass slipper.

    Your ideas sound great! We're going with more of the romantic side of disney stories. I've come up with a lot of ideas now. For the centerpieces we are going to do a topiary kind of idea. Each centerpiece will have a cylinder vase of a dozen roses creating a stem of the topiary and to tops will be a little more free than the standard topiary design. The tops of all the centerpieces will be basically the same...mostly white with a splash of the different colors. Each table will be named after a song IE. Part of your world, Beauty and the Beast, A whole knew world, Once upon a dream, If I never Knew you, etc. The roses in the vase will match the table theme. Part of your world will have green roses; Beauty and the Beast will have red; A whole knew world probably lavendar; etc... Then I think we are going to have small picture frames with different scenes in the background and a quote in it.

    Congrats on your engagement as well!!
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