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New month, who 'dis?


Re: New month, who 'dis?

  • @levioosa, great pool.  My parent have had an intex (Is that your brand?) hot tub, and they’ve had it for 3 years.  It’s held up nicely and really a great hot tub for under $400. I’m thinking of getting one for my deck next year

  • kerbohl said:
    ei34 said:
    Yay for September.  I adore autumn.  We actually haven't been out of the 70s for several days now so I know I have no right complaining, but I really thrive in crisp 50s. 
    My last pre-Covid selfie is with my kids, on an early morning trip to Trader Joe's, samples in hand, in early March.  I haven't been to TJ's since then, and my kids haven't been inside any store.  It's so crushing.

    @missJeanLouise that's amazing!!!  Truly a work of art.  @Casadena I hear you on the frustrations

    I returned to my school building yesterday...faculty and staff are in M-Th 8-3 (I got out a bit early today).  Students begin next Tues.  It's surreal.  Seeing the cafeteria with classroom desks spaced at 6' felt as crushing as the aformentioned TJ's selfie.  100% necessary and the right thing, but still surreal.  I feel really safe and great about how it's happening, but, wow.  And omg the mask-ne (play on acne).  Those of you who've been wearing masks at work for extended periods- all your skin care tips please!
    Oh, that's a good question!  Hubby will be wearing masks all day now and he has acne constantly without wearing masks.  He's taken to shaving off his beard to see if that will help.  I'd love to hear some advice too!
    I’ve heard of spraying masks with salicylic acid body spray and then letting it dry before wearing. I have had success with using the murad clarifying acne face wash during breakouts. I’ll apply it to the acne and leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off and that seems to help a lot. If you have sensitive skin leaving it on for a few minutes might cause issues though. 

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