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Pre-ception vs. engagement party across the country

Hello! My fiancee is from New York, and I'm from Illinois. We are having our wedding and reception in IL in June; however, we want to have something in New York that my fiancee's friends can come to if they don't want to spend the money to travel to IL. We are thinking of having a kind of reception/party in NY about two weeks before our wedding day in IL. That way, it's not a shower, so it's more open to men and people of all ages. It would just be an outdoor picnic at a park with catered food.

Do you think we should call this a pre-ception or an engagement party or a shower of sorts? Is it ok to have it before the wedding? Do you think we can invite some people (from his church and community) who won't be receiving wedding invitations but who would likely want to come? Perhaps that's a bad idea. There are just so many people, and we can't invite them all to the wedding.

Re: Pre-ception vs. engagement party across the country

  • I think that sounds like a fun idea.  But don't give it any kind of name that's related to a wedding or wedding-related events.  Primarily because there will be people invited to the picnic who will not be invited to the wedding.

    Just keep it at a fun, casual party you're throwing for friends and family.  I'm sure the upcoming wedding will be a topic of conversation, but don't bring it up yourselves.  Though if someone else brings it up, it's okay to answer questions or say a few sentences.
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  • I like the idea of a pre-wedding party. You can invite anyone you like, but I agree with @short+sassy that if you are inviting non-wedding-guests to this party it shouldn't be called anything that suggests that it's specifically wedding-related. 
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