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I need help with my dress

Hi everyone! I need some help with my dress. I love the top and the sleeves, but the skirt feels blah. I thought getting the belt would change it for me. I love the belt but it still feels a bit casual. Do you think I could add crinoline or something to make it look a bit fuller. I’m just not sure if I have enough skirt fabric to do that. Any input would be amazing. Thanks in advance!  

Re: I need help with my dress

  • The dress is beautiful as a unit. Adding crinoline might work if the color and pattern of the crinoline complement and accentuate your current dress choice top. However, If you're not completely happy from head to toe and you have the time, it might be a good idea to add a few more dress choices so you're completely happy.
  • Your dress is gorgeous and you look stunning! You could add a crinoline to give the skirt more volume if that what you’re looking for, although I think it looks beautiful all on its own! 
  • Thanks! I think I might buy a cheap one from amazon. I’ll wear the dress regardless, as I do think it represents my style. I was thinking a long veil might amp it up a little as well. 
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    I think your dress is gorgeous and very elegant. I small crinoline would give the skirt more structure. I think a long veil is a good idea - it would serve as your train. Best wishes!

  • I love the long veil idea. I think it will give you the drama you are looking for. You and your dress look beautiful. :)
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