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Proposed in November 2019 and still can't find a venue

I proposed to my girlfriend in November 2019 and we've been pulling hair trying to find a venue for an August 2021 wedding.  We thought we were set on one venue, Thomas Fogarty, but their wine policy of $35 per person for our guest list of 200 people just killed it for us.  This might sound strange, but I'd say maybe 195 out of the 200 people on our guest list don't drink any kind of alcohol so it would just go to waste.  We asked if they had non-alcoholic options, but they had nothing so we had to cut this venue off our list which was a real bummer for us.

We've looked around for other similar venues in the area, but can't find anything else that we like so we're back to square one.  My fiance is not from California and many of our guests are flying in so we were hoping to treat them to a nice view of the Bay Area at least.

Does anyone know of anything similar in the Bay Area that isn't a country club?  Our last resort would be a country club, but we don't want to just settle for a venue because we can't find anything else we like.

Sorry, this became more of a rant than a cry for help, but please do drop suggestions.
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