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Asian Food Catering in Massachusetts??

Hi all!

We are currently looking for a food caterer that actually caters real chinese/asian food banquets??
We want to do our wedding at Endicott and we are allowed to have a license caterer, but I truly want a chinese buffet family style wedding.
I don't know if there is any restaurants who do catering outside of their restaurants like China pearl ?

I'm mainly looking into asian food catering as well.

Any suggestions or ideas would be so much appreciated!! 

Re: Asian Food Catering in Massachusetts??

  • Endicott College in Beverly? There are several Chinese places that cater in the Arlington/Lexington area (we used to live there and had several functions catered at our church in Arlington), but I don't know if they'd make the trek to Beverly. It would still be worth checking out, though. Most are very authentic because of the huge Chinese population in that area.
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