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May the Fourth

Planning a May 4th wedding. We'll be wearing standard wedding attire, but my fiancé chose the Throne Room theme from the end of Star Wars: A New Hope for my processional music and we'll definitely have a Star Wars cake topper.

It isn't technically a theme wedding but we want a nod to the date inspiration.

Has anyone else done a May 4/Star Wars wedding?

Re: May the Fourth

  • Haven't done one. Have seen photos in which the groomsmen and bridesmaids did a lightsaber arch as the couple was leaving, which I thought was pretty cool but which might raise hackles of any military diehards in your guest list (technically the saber arch with real sabers is a military tradition in the US, but in parts of Europe it's more associated with college fraternities aping military tradition than with the actual current military, so there's fewer opportunities for accusations of stolen valor - even though DARPA hasn't rolled out a lightsaber unit...yet...).
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