Venue for 60?

I am having the most difficult time finding a venue for a wedding and reception for 60 guests. I seem to find small ones for up to 20 guests or others for 100-1000 guests. Does anyone have suggestions for a venue for 60 guests for a wedding and reception? I'm looking at early November and would love scenic outdoor or at least a scenic location if we need to be indoor. I'm not a huge can of barns that look (stupid sounding enough) too rustic or too much like a barn. Looking for no more than 30-45 minutes from Bloomington if possible. 

Re: Venue for 60?

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    Hi there, I'm Paul. I have a younger sister, and her marriage was fixed last week, and her wedding will be in December. We are planning to conduct a small reception with our relatives and friends. Now I'm thinking about where I can arrange the function. There are so many venues in Toronto, but I don't know which is the apt one. 
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    After my search, I found some wedding venues and I choose one wedding venue I think will be apt for the small wedding reception.
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