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  • That sounds really difficult to process, COVID has upended a lot of plans. I would try to focus more on the times of the day you were with your bride. The ceremony, the reception, etc. Many people opt to elope and have it only be about them, and no one else. Obviously you wanted to share this day with friends and family, but when it’s all said and done, it’s really just about you and your wife. 
    I would make sure you share this with your new wife though. It’s important to let her know how you feel, and let her help you through this. 
  • I'm sorry. It is a bummer to have a celebration when nobody is there to celebrate with you.

    But, wait, that's not quite true. Your new wife was there to celebrate with you. 

    I agree with the PPs that the loneliness you felt should be shared with your new wife. I realize you don't want to relive what happened or spoil her memories of the day, but I also think it's important that your wife understands that your memories of the day aren't as happy as hers at some points. But I also think that it's not healthy for you to dwell on it whenever the subject of your wedding comes up.

    Many people are dealing with similar issues because of Covid. In that sense, you're not alone! Some of us Knotties have experienced similar issues, when for whatever reason we didn't have family and friends with us to celebrate our special occasions. You might be able to find other support groups online that can help you with this as well.
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