Will my MICRO wedding happen? February 2021 (Boston, MA)

Hi Brides,

I planned a wedding for 25 of my immediate family members at a restaurant on Boston. I thought I was planning safe... now with the new Massachusetts restrictions, who knows if that will even happen?

Mask guidelines got stricter & a 90 minute dining reservation ... which just won't work.

Anybody else in the same boat? What are your thoughts? Postpone the microwedding or hope the restrictions loosen up after the holidays & first round of vaccinations. Clearly I know a typical wedding won't be happening and keep in mind that's not what I'm planning!  Just a intimate dinner reception with family.

Re: Will my MICRO wedding happen? February 2021 (Boston, MA)

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    Recently, the wedding with her husband was canceled , since it was impossible to place all the relatives at the same table.The oldest and children also became a problem as we are afraid that they can somehow get infected.As a result, we had to cancel the wedding for an indefinite period. :'(

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