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Brides Need your help please..

Hello Would Be brides, Brides,

Need you help. With over information online, I am getting confused how to select my wedding baker and things to take care with baker.

It shall be great, if you can take out your time and fill in this form which would help me to determine cake for my wedding. You need not share any personal details.

Your valuable advice shall help me plan my wedding better.

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Re: Brides Need your help please..

  • This is the fourth post you have made asking the same question in different ways. Please put XP in the title of your post so that people know you've made multiple posts about the same topic.

    Finding a cake isn't hard. Go to bakeries, try their pastries (not just cake) to get an idea of how consistent their quality is. Get LOCAL referrals. Once you've selected a bakery or two that you like, look at their work online. Talk to the owner about your choices.

    And from your guests' perspective, a cake that tastes good is miles better than some elaborate, fancy thing that tastes like a craft project.
  • OP seems to be soliciting input to build a wedding planning business.  
  • OP seems to be soliciting input to build a wedding planning business.  
    Or planning to open a bakery/cake shop of their own...  

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  • And the circle is complete. A new poster responds to a new poster, linking to a business site. I should start predicting lotto numbers. 
  • @knottie9f9dc932d442a42a, Yep. And every bride should order that mango mousse cake from Hackettstown, NJ to be shipped to say, Ontario. That ought to travel well.
  • Nice to know the shill recently hosted a wedding in New Jersey; wonder if she complied with Covid restrictions on gatherings? 
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