Suspended Flowers?

Has anyone done a hanging / suspended floral arrangement? If so, did you rent the piece and how much did it cost? What were the logistics of getting it hung? I love the look but have no idea where to begin/cost estimates! 

Re: Suspended Flowers?

  • I haven't done it but I would first check with your venue to see if hanging things is allowed. Second would be seeing if the ceiling would support such things. 
  • Those are beautiful, and I agree with @missJeanLouise to check with your venue first. They may also have hanging light fixtures you could decorate instead if not needed for lighting. 

    It looks as if the arrangements in the picture used wooden planks on pulleys. Those are heavy. Maybe there are planks made of lighter materials you could use if your venue okays it?

    One thing it will not be is cheap, though!
  • As others have said, talk to your venue to see if this is even allowed first. Some venues are stricter than others about what kind of decorations they'll let you use. And even if a venue is open to the idea, they may want to see first what the logistics would be before they agree to anything. 

    As for cost, I think the only way to find that out is to speak to florists and see if any of them have experience with this kind of arrangement.

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