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Vegan bridesmaid

I'm having a fairly low key wedding with catering from a local German place. Being German, there's a lot of sausage/meat and a couple of sides. One of my bridesmaids and her husband is vegan, so I want to make sure they have something to eat. Would it be weird to get them separate meals from a different restaurant? I'll ask the caterer if they do vegan but I have a feeling their options will be limited or nonexistant. I dont think any of the guests are vegetarian/vegan but I'll of course ask and make similar arrangements for them. 

Re: Vegan bridesmaid

  • Logistics-wise, it would be nice if your main caterer could do two vegan meals.  But, if they can't, getting two vegan meals from elsewhere seems like the next best idea.  If you have to go that route, I'd also speak to your main caterer about providing them with that food, but having them plate it so it seamlessly goes out with all the other entrees.
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  • I would ask your caterer what the options are that are vegan and then if they don't have any, look to a second location that could possibly have food for them. 

  • Make sure your caterer actually knows what can't be used in vegan food. If it seems unclear, or they say 'salad' or 'steamed veggie plate,' definitely get a second caterer for the vegans. Delicious vegan food is a challenge for those who aren't familiar with it.
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