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Ring Conundrum

My Fiance proposed with a ring that his Dad (who is no longer with us) had made and proposed to his step-Mom with; she had asked him to use it when he proposed. It's a beautiful ring because of it's sentiment, but it's very, very small. I never once made a fuss about it, I never reacted in any way as for him to think I was disappointed in anyway because to me I was enthralled that I got to spend the rest of my life with him. He has since upgraded my ring at his own decision, but I still have his ring. I'm planning on using the new one for the ceremony, but the problem I have is that I still feel like I should wear his Dad's ring somehow. I would have thought to put it on my right ring finger, but my Mom mentioned letting me borrow one of her rings for a something borrowed (which I still don't have). What should I do? I do feel his memory should be honored by keeping the ring in this somehow.

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