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Reception in Bellagio penthouse suite

As for many this pandemic has caused our wedding to be postponed TWICE!! We have decided to do it in Vegas! We are getting married at the Flamingo in April. Due to the pandemic finding a decent reception venue has been difficult (not wanting to spend $10,000). We decided to rent a penthouse suite at the Bellagio. Has anyone done that here? I need to find a caterer for about 30 people. 

Re: Reception in Bellagio penthouse suite

  • One thing I'd recommend checking into, if you won't have a wedding coordinator, is whether the room in question is served by a restricted access elevator.  On high end rooms many properties require a room key for access, so getting guests in can become a problem unless you have someone around to meet them and bring them up.

    Do you like the Flamingo chapel or garden for the wedding, or did it just work out for convenience?  Two reasons I ask; it's not an easy walk back to Bellagio for guests, and two, if you don't actually care either way, you could do the whole thing in the suite by having an officiant come to you.  Just an option.

    Unfortunately with covid and the lack of any recent information about people doing in-suite receptions over the past year, I don't think you'll find much useful information about this topic.  Prior to covid and the 2017 shooting, in suites were pretty easy to pull off as hotels were so busy no one cared or gave a second thought to random people rolling coolers and similar equipment across the lobby, let alone the kind of seating you'll need for 30.  This site has been pretty dead over the past few years so I haven't seen much talk of this type of issue as of late.  My recommendation would be to have a coordinator either way, and they'll likely have a handle on which hotels are safe or not safe for an in-suite event, and which vendors they can use to pull it off.  Scheme Events is always highly regarded and Rev Roland is great if you want an officiant to do it in-suite,

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • I'm thinking about doing the same thing for my reception.  Did you have your event yet?
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