Guest and their children

We are allowing kids at our wedding as my cousin's kids will be in our wedding party so it only feels fair to the other parents we are inviting. But a family friend recently started fostering 3 new kids that we DO NOT at our wedding. Is it fair to invite her and her bio daughter and NOT the others? There has also been tension between this woman and her oldest and middle kids who are my fiancés best friends and are in our wedding party. So is it even worth it to actually have her there if she may or may not even cause problems? She has had a major part in my fiancés life growing up so I feel the need to have her there for him but its the new fosters we are having issues with. Our date is Oct 1 2022 so tension may subside but at the same time am I worrying too much about other peoples problems? Should I just make her find a sitter and not care if she gets upset over it? 
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