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Gifts for step kids

We are getting married in a very remote location, just the two of us. My fiancée has two daughters, 21 and 25. Is it customary to buy them gifts? From both of us or just from me the bride?
if so, what? Thanks 

Re: Gifts for step kids

  • I've never heard of buying adult children gifts for a second wedding. My father and stepmother married when I was 17, my brother was 13 and her children were in their 20's. None of us were given gifts.
  • I don't think gifts are necessary or customary. Don't worry about it.
  • The only time I've heard of getting them gifts is when they're in the wedding party. Since they won't even be at the wedding, I can't imagine why you'd need to give them gifts. 

    Since you're travelling, maybe together you could bring them souvenirs? 
  • You don't owe adult stepkids, or even minor stepkids, gifts simply because you're marrying their parent. It's a nice gesture if you think it will be responded to as you intend, but completely optional.
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